Friday, August 12, 2011

First Post and Super Mario Birthday Party

My first public blog!  I've kept a personal blog for many years now, but lately I've been so inspired and busy by craft blogs that I thought I'd throw one out there to keep track of all the little things I work on here at home.

A little about me is that I'm a mother of two beautiful kids and married to my husband for over five years now.  Our baby girl, Ella, will be turning two in January and our son, Caleb, is turning five next month.  Which brings us to this post.

We're throwing a Super Mario Birthday Party!  There are so many wonderful ideas floating around the blogosphere that while we'll still probably order some stuff from, I am trying to do a lot of the decorations in DIY fashion.

The first project that I want to show you is something I'm pretty proud of.