Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ella's Frozen Birthday Party

Obviously I just post whenever I throw my kids a birthday party.  Frozen is hot right now (for good reason) and my daughter is into big time.  Her birthday fell THE DAY BEFORE movers came to our house to move us out of state.  It was a stressful and bittersweet time.  Here's her party:

I separated the party into two sections, Arendelle (the dining table) and The North Mountain.  

I made an Olaf after seeing the very popular pin on Pinterest.  Since there was no tutorial on how to make him, I kind of winged it.  Ella's party was in January, so I was able to take advantage of after Christmas sales.  I used the snow blankets to make him but I think cotton batting would work as well.

Olaf's feet
I just balled up pieces of the snow blanket and gathered it in one spot.  I used lots and lots of hot glue to hold it together (I was burnt a few times!)  For his body's balls, I wrapped the snow blanket around some cotton stuffing and put the seam in the back, securing with hot glue.  Same thing for his head, only less at the top where his eyes are and shaped it to be Olaf-y.  I made his buttons by using black yarn to make pom poms and securing with hot glue.  Arms, eyebrows, and hair are all pipe cleaners.  His face, if you look at the original pin, is actually just a printing of his eyes/nose combo and mouth.  So I did the same using this Olaf's face.  I adjusted his head to about the size I needed and cut out the eyes/nose together and his mouth.

Mine did not support himself very well, so I rolled up more snow blanket to sit his butt on so he wouldn't topple over.  The kids loved him, but unfortunately, he ended up in the trash soon after the party since we were about to move :/

I used a tree branch with blue rock candy hanging from it, I had clear cutlery in white snowflake pails that I got on clearance at Target, blue table skirt with white top.  I served (but didn't photograph) white cheddar popcorn, snowcaps, and pizza.

The backdrop is two iridescent doorways curtains to add to the frosty theme.  I was inspired by multiple pins, but I'm unsure which!

I used Ella's mini dolls to decorate her cake.  I intended for the "ice" behind them to be taller, but I didn't plan out how much I was going to have to shove them into the cake to stand.  To make the ice, I used a recipe for candy glass and added food coloring.  The little flakes on top are these little edible flakes I bought at Hobby Lobby in the cake decorating section.  The white pearls are gumballs from Party City.  

We lucked out that Frozen party decorations where just starting to come out right before her party.  I didn't get a lot of theme-y stuff.  Just the napkins, cups, table cloth, and goody bags.  Ella loves having flowers, so I had to buy her some roses for her birthday!

I didn't photograph her goody bags, but inside I put in snowflakes crayons that I got on clearance at Target, blue mini flashlights, reindeer chocolate crackers (that I put a sticker of Sven on and called Sven Snacks), and a Frozen pencil.  I think there was something else, but oh my gosh, it was such an insane time in our lives!

Here is my Pinterest board that I had all of my inspirations for her party.  Hopefully this helps someone planning a Frozen party of their own!