Friday, August 24, 2012

Caleb's love for Mario has evolved into a love for Pokemon.  He's all about the Nintendo stuff!  This year I was hoping we could do Super Mario all over again (I still have most of the stuff, despite moving from FL to IN) but he's insisting on Pokemon.  So now I'm trying to learn as much about his passion to throw an awesome party.

 While not the most original idea for a Pokemon pinata, the pokeball is certainly easy and works.  It sure beats paying $30 for a Pikachu pinata from Party City.  All I did with this was paper mache a big bouncy ball, let dry, pop the ball, fill the hole, and covered with streamers.  I took crepe paper streamers and "fringed" several pieces at a time.  It covers the lumps and wonkiness of the pinata and gives it that definite pinata feel.  I ordered mini pokemon figurines from an ebay seller in Japan to put in there with candy.

Pokemon Cornhole, "Feed the Munchlax"  This is cabinet door I had in the garage that I drew out the Munchlax on.  I cut out the mouth with a jigsaw, primed, painted, and spray protective coating on it.  I stapled felt for the teeth.  The berries are orange hacky sacks from Party City.  They have a sun design in yellow.  I glued the green felt on the sun design and voila!  They are PERFECT!

These things I am getting so sick of making but they are cute!  I am using poster board, construction paper, glue, and sharpies to make these.  I plan on making and Oshawott and Piplup as well.  Our backyard has a natural/wild area around the perimeter and I will be placing these in it to look like the Pokemon are in the wild!

It seems like Pokemon Parties are few and far between in the blogging world, so I'll throw mine out there for folks that need some ideas.

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