Friday, August 24, 2012

Neglected blog is neglected.

Here's how Caleb's 5th birthday went down last year...

 The backdrop was part inspired, part copied from Chica and Jo

Fill Your Own Treat Bag!
Chocolate Mustaches (I bough the candy mold from Amazon)
Super Mario Hats (red hats from  Oriental Trading Co) I used fabric glue to attach the felt
Some "Princess Peach" tiaras for the princesses (from Oriental Trading)
? Block with candy can be bought at either Party City or online (I went through Amazon)
"Princess Peach Pops" (Oriental Trading)
In the buckets I had Tootsie Pops, M&Ms and Super Mario fruit snacks

My labor of love, the paper mache piranha plant in action with a lot of atomic fireballs!

That's the pinata doubling as a centerpiece.  Its a giant ? block.  The five I made from construction paper coins.

The banner I just added Mario Characters to a banner that we had.  There were originally Backyardigans on it. 

Balloons, Cardboard Stand-up and the placemats are from Birthday Express.
The dangly things from the chandelier are also Mario characters I printed off and attached to a former Backyardigans decoration.

It was a super fun party!  Very successful and memorable!  Now that this it out of the way I can start blogging about his 6th birthday party, Pokèmon!

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